Game Sphere

The Gameshpere is a spherical games console made by Chintendo. This console boasts UHF and VHF outputs, as well as Coaxial outputs (for something made in the year 200X, this is considered new technology to the fruits). The Gamesphere has two attachments that have been released for it that both connect to the bottom of the Gamesphere in a series of expansion ports. The first one is the Gamesphere Fruitband adapter, which is a modem that will let you play multiplayer games with your enemies. The second attachment for the Gamesphere is the Lameboy Un-advanced adaptor, which lets you play games (which I am surprised that anybody hasn't started to call them lames, seeing as how they are really dumb) from the Lameboy Un-advanced portable games console. The Gamesphere can also play games on some dumb proprietary disk format, because apparently that protects the console from "piracy" and whatnot. Did I mention that it can't play DVD's?

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