Harambe, showing his true colors after seeing the live debate last night on TV.

Harambe was a gorilla who is secretly a food politician. He would usually get angry and beat his chest in rage whenever he would see someone making fun of his favorite foods, Apples and Oranges. The day after his 17th birthday, Bob the Tomato decided he wanted to go for a swim, so he looked around for a place to swim at. He came to the zoo, which he thought was a great place to look for a swimming pool since he didn't think that his own pool was good enough for swimming in because the water was red and there was a body bag that sank to the bottom of his pool (now do you see why he always has an uncertain smile on his face?). But enough about that, lets get back to the story. So he looked into his wallet and saw that he was broke (like David after he traded in all his games), so the first thing he did was climb to the top of the wall around the zoo to see if there was any water around that he could swim in. Surprise surprise, there was a swimming hole inside the gorilla pit. He climbed through the bushes and fell fifteen feet into the water below. Harambe then came up to him and said "WAZZUP!?" and then proceeded to throw Bob around. The onlookers, seeing this, called someone to come help. Harambe was later shot and killed by Jimmy Jangles.