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Everything is fruit related because FRUIT ARE PEOPLE TOO!!!!!!! I guess we started using vegetables too. Vegetables are literal people though.

If you would like to see the rules they are right there--> here.<-- there

And if you are not me or Poopeegee9 then I would like to thank you for

discovering our wiki.

If you want to know the first article on this wikia(why would you though?) its right here

If you have any questions then ask Poopeegee9 or me, Metroiddoincake

(poopeegee9 wont reply within a year of the question being asked,

though. so you might want to just ask me...)


fruit!!!!Vegetables!!!!like 3 meats!!!!!!and a war !!!!!!

*doom* Edit

i forgot how to change font sizes we have a title named *doom*

we only talk about the war between fruits and thinking of making a new wiki about the outside world, though...

maybe like....thefoodworld just rolls off the tongue

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